New piece of mine in the LRC

In the current (April) issue of the Literary Review of Canada, which has been hitting newsstands everywhere, I have a one-page review of Daniel Poliquin’s biography of René Lévesque, which was nominated for both the Charles Taylor Prize ($25 000) and the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize ($25 000).  My piece is just 1200 words or so, but it’s a stylistic tour de force etc.; and the book reviewed is quite interesting and written with great élan: Lévesque in cameo, the painter quite unafraid to show the subject’s wrinkles.

As a totally unapologetic francophone federalist — as an unapologetic federalist of any stripe — as a realist who could not care less about our cozy Compact arrangement in Canada — Daniel Poliquin is unique and very valuable.  I’m in earnest in this review when I exhort him to tackle Trudeau, but what we really need is In the Name of the Father (his 1999/2000 attack on Quebec nationalism) updated for 2010 and expanded to assault our platitudes from sea to sea.